About Wages Order No. 67

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About Wages Order No. 67

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When does the new Order come into effect?

■ The Order will be effective from Wednesday, 1 April 2020.
■ The rates of pay which come into effect on 1 April 2020 are
compatible with NMW and NLW requirements where necessary.
Key Features
■ A minimum hourly rate of £8.72 for all workers.
■ A minimum hourly rate of £5.46 for workers who undertake an SCQF
Level 4 or 5 or equivalent in Agriculture/Horticulture.

■ The dog allowance to be increased to £6.43 per week for each dog up
to a maximum of 4.

■ The additional sum payable to workers with appropriate qualifications
will increase to £1.29 per hour.

■ The daily rate of the accommodation off-set for accommodation other
than a house is £8.20.

■ The minimum hourly rate of £13.08 for overtime for all workers.

3. Rates of Pay (Parts 2 and 3)
Who gets paid what? (Articles 5, 6 and 7)
■ There is a single minimum hourly rate of pay for all agriculture workers.

■ It is important to note that this hourly rate applies equally to
full-time workers, part-time workers, students, workers on piece
work, etc. The rate applies equally no matter what type of work
is done.

■ If an employer wishes to pay more to a worker employed on particular
duties, then they can do so. What they cannot do is pay less than the
minimum rate set out in the Order.

■ The minimum hourly rate of pay is as follows:
All Ages of Worker Minimum Hourly Rate Effective from 1 April 2020

■ F rom 1 April 2020 employees who have agreed, as part of the terms
of their contract of employment, to study an SCQF Level 4 and/or
SCQF Level 5 or equivalent in Agriculture/Horticulture, shall be paid
be paid £5.46 per hour for 18 months. This rate applies to apprentices
under 19 years of age and those of 19 years or over in the first year
of their apprenticeship.
Following this period the minimum hourly rate will be £8.72 until
31 March 2021.
What about workers who have qualifications? (Article 7)

■ Workers who hold a qualification in an agricultural or production
horticulture subject at SCQF 6/7 or above (this includes Scottish
(or National) Vocational Qualification at Level 3, National Certificate,
Higher National Certificate, Higher National Diploma) are entitled
to be paid an additional sum of at least £1.29 per hour from
1 April 2020.

■ A qualification in an agricultural or production horticulture subject
above Level 3 (SCQF 6/7) must be relevant to the work being carried

■ This additional sum is also payable to workers who hold a Level 3
(SCQF 6/7) Modern Apprenticeship certificate in agriculture or
horticulture [production horticulture pathway only], issued by Lantra.